NED Democracy Grants for NGO

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a private, nonprofit foundation based in the United States provides grants to support NGO projects around the world for the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions. The foundation was founded in 1983 and it provides more than 1000 grants per year to NGOs promoting democracy in more than 90 countries.

NED is now accepting grant applications from NGOs working around the world working for the promotion and advancement of human rights, an independent media, the rule of law and other democratic goals. Activist organizations in transitional authoritarian countries working to promote democracy, liberalization and the protection of human rights can also seek financial support from NED through its grants program.

The next meeting of the NED Board of Directors for which NED is accepting proposals will be on April 1, 2011.

All grant applications must be submitted by January 21, 2011 to be considered for approval at the April Board Meeting.

How are funding decisions made?

Funding decisions are made on a quarterly basis by the NED Board of Directors. In addition to evaluating how a program fits within the Endowment's overall priorities, the Board considers factors such as the urgency of a program, its relevance to specific needs and conditions in a particular country, and the democratic commitment and experience of the applicant.

What types of programs is the Endowment interested in?

The Endowment is especially interested in proposals that originate with local democratic groups. It is also interested in nonpartisan programs seeking to strengthen democratic values.

How can my NGO apply for a grant from the Endowment?
To apply for a NED grant, submit a proposal cover sheet, proposal and budget to

Proposal Cover Sheet -
For your convenience, you can download a proposal cover sheet here :: PDF.

NED's proposal guidelines -
Proposal and budget guidelines are here :: PDF


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IMPORTANT: Please do not send unsolicited emails seeking funding support to donor agencies. This will discredit your organization and can also bring bad reputation to you as an individual. Fundraising is a competitive process and you need to follow ethics and not spam donor emails with long, unrelated requests for grant support. If you just keep sending emails seeking support without knowing your donor, your chances of raising funds for your NGO will be drastically reduced and you may be blacklisted as a spammer.