Royal Bank of Canada - Blue Water Project - 2011

Royal Bank of Canada - Blue Water Project


The RBC Blue Water Project is an innovative, 10-year, global commitment to help protect the world's most precious natural resource: fresh water.


Applications are now being accepted for the RBC Blue Water Project Leadership Grants which provide funding for projects related to watershed protection and access to safe drinking water.


RBC Blue Water Project Leadership Grants range from $25,000 to $500,000 and for organizations with projects in any of the countries in which RBC is located, including Canada, the United States, Caribbean and British Isles. The deadline for applications is March 4, 2011 and organizations will be advised if they will receive a grant by June 30, 2011.


Under the RBC Blue Water Project, RBC has committed:


·        To provide $50 million in charitable grants to not-for-profit organizations those protects watersheds and provide or ensure access to clean drinking water. Since 2007, RBC has committed more than $27 million in single and multi-year grants to 350 organizations.


·        To promote responsible and sustainable water use with our employees and clients through education and awareness programs that create an understanding of the value and vulnerability of our water resources; and to reduce the intensity of our own water footprint;


·        To encourage the growth of North American businesses that develop and commercialize innovative solutions to the water issues facing the world and increase our ability to provide financial services to these companies;


·        To take a leadership role to encourage the involvement of other corporations and encourage a spirit of collaboration among and between all sectors to help protect the world's freshwater.


RBC Blue Water Project is looking for programs that are dedicated to one of these areas:


·        Watershed protection

·        Programs and projects that focus on:

·        Protection and restoration of sensitive natural areas

·        Community-based watershed stewardship

·        Sustainable water use and conservation, or

·        Watershed awareness

·        Access to clean drinking water

·        Programs and projects that focus on making sure communities have access to clean, safe drinking water, when and where it is needed.


Eligibility Criteria

Organizations applying for RBC Blue Water Project grants must be a federally registered charity in Canada, have their 501C3 status with the United States or be considered a qualified donee under the Canadian Income Tax Act.


RBC doesn't accept applications from:

·        Individuals

·        Political organizations or parties

·        Organizations whose primary purpose is lobbying or political action

·        Fraternal organizations, service clubs or third parties raising funds for charity

·        Private (fee based) schools

·        Post-secondary institutions that have received capital funding from RBC in the last 10 years.

·        Have religious or sectarian elements or outcomes

·        Have lobbying or political action as a primary goal

·        Have goals that are purely research

·        Are solely infrastructure related

·        Will use the funds to underwrite advertising, media production or media buys.

·        Endowments

·        Conferences or events

·        Sports tournaments


How to apply for it?

RBC Blue Water Project accepting online application only. To apply for it, visit at

For more info or clarification ask to skf NGO funding consultants (if your NGO is already registered in skf NGO directory, or click here to register it now) or you may contact to RBC Blue Water Project office.


The NGO Funding Consultants



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