Tinker Grant, Latin America - 2011

Tinker Foundation's Institutional Grant Program invites project proposals from institutional entities that are geographically focused on Latin America.  The projects should have a strong public policy component, offer innovative solutions to problems facing Latin American regions, and incorporate new mechanisms for addressing these programmatic areas. Activities may include, but are not restricted to, research projects, workshops and conferences related to the Foundation's areas of interest.


The Tinker Foundation encourages collaboration among organizations in the United States and Latin America and prefers to fund those institutions that are actively engaged with external stakeholders in addressing an issue of concern.


Topically, the projects should address one of the following categories:


·        Democratic Governance with Growth and Security

·        Sustainable Resource Management

·        Education


The Tinker Foundation has an additional interest in projects that explore U.S. policy toward Latin America and those that undertake scientific research or address policy and governance issues relating to Antarctica. Funds for these latter areas are more limited.


Prior to developing a full proposal, and well before the deadline, Tinker Foundation ask to submit a brief letter of inquiry describing your project to ascertain the Foundation's interest. The letter should only include a brief summary of your organization and project, and an approximate project budget.




·        March 1st (spring cycle)

·        September 15th (fall cycle)




Applications for the institutional grants program are considered bi-annually by the Board of Directors in mid-June and mid-December. These dates represent final deadlines for consideration of proposals.


Complete proposals should be prepared according to the instructions and must be submitted in English, otherwise they will not be accepted for processing.


Application Instructions


The following information will instruct on the content and format of the proposal. Two copies of the complete proposal, without binders, should be sent to the Foundation's Chairman and President,


Proposal Checklist


1.      Proposal cover sheet


2.     Separate one-page summary of the proposal briefly describing the project's objectives, target audience or beneficiaries, proposed methodology and plan for dissemination of results. (Attach the summary to the application cover sheet.)


3.     Full proposal providing details on the project's objectives and theoretical, practical and/or policy-related significance (as both a discrete endeavor and within the broader field)


4.     Plan of work describing the activities to be conducted and indicating any factors that could serve to delay the plan, change the length of time required to complete the project, or alter the proposed budgetary designations


5.     Anticipated results of the project


6.     Specific plan for dissemination of the results (identify the target audience and the means by which it will be reached)


7.     Description of the plan to evaluate the short- and long-term impact of the project's results upon completion


8.     Names and addresses of three individuals familiar with the proposed topic/field but not directly involved with the project


9.     Itemized budget for the cost of the entire project


10. Itemized budget for those expenses for which Tinker Foundation support is sought. (As a general rule, the Foundation does not pay for overhead or indirect costs. In those exceptional cases when it is considered absolutely necessary, a maximum of 10% of the project's direct costs may be included as overhead in the budget.)


11.   Copy of the letter from the Internal Revenue Service attesting to the organization's tax-exempt status (applies only to U.S. organizations)


12.  Copy of the organization's latest Federal/State Form 990 (applies only to U.S. organizations)


13.  Copy of the organization's latest financial statement


14. Qualifications of the project director and personnel with curricula vitae attached


15.  Complete list of the organization's staff and its Board of Directors


16. Brief narrative statement providing an historical overview of the institution

For more info or clarification ask to skf NGO funding consultants (if your NGO is already registered in skf NGO directory, or click here to register it now) or contact to Tinker Foundation office at 55 East 59th , Street New York, NY 10022. Tel: +1-212-421-6858.

The NGO Funding Consultants



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