USAID Peru Development Assistance Fund Program

The USAID Peru Development Assistance Fund (DAF) Program invites applications from local Peruvian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), such as private, non-profit organizations (or for profit companies willing to forego profits), including private voluntary organizations, universities, research organizations, professional associations, mothers clubs, local community based organizations, grassroots establishments, municipalities or local government bodies, and/or relevant special interest associations. This Annual Program Statement focuses on establishing grant opportunities for small development activities that address basic community needs. Applications for financial assistance under the DAF must clearly demonstrate community participation, in-kind labor, cash contributions, and engagement in the proposed activity.


Category of Funding Activity:

·        Agriculture

·        Business and Commerce

·        Community Development

·        Education

·        Employment, Labor and Training

·        Environment

·        Health

·        Law, Justice and Legal Services

·        Natural Resources

·        Regional Development


Objective -


The objective of Peru Development Assistance Fund program is to create the competitive environment for small development activities that benefit the communities within the USAID/Peru operating environment. The DAF cross-cuts all USAID/Peru program areas and seeks responses/grant ideas from local communities that:


>> Advance local economic growth.

>> Promote human health and education.

>> Foster stronger democratic practices & community level organizations.

>> Pursue licit


Other Details –


·        Expected Number of Awards: 15

·        Estimated Total Program Funding: $315,000

·        Award Ceiling: $50,000

·        Award Floor: $5,000

·        CFDA Number(s): 98.001 - USAID Foreign Assistance for Programs Overseas

·        Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement: Yes

·        Deadline for Applications: Sep 30, 2011  


For more info or clarification ask to skf NGO funding consultants (if your NGO is already registered in skf NGO directory, or click here to register it now) or contact to Lima office of the USAID.

The NGO Funding Consultants



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