Central European Initiative – KHEP 2011


Central European Initiative - KHEP


The Know-how Exchange Programme (KHEP) is a grant facility created in 2004 to support transfer of best practice and transformation experience from CEI EU to non-EU Member States (financed exclusively from the Italy-sponsored CEI Trust Fund at the EBRD). The Programme originates from the conviction that economic development in non-EU MS can be strengthened by transferring sound approaches (good practice) already in place in more advanced CEI countries.


In the CEI region, there are currently 9 EU and 9 non-EU members. Even though the non EU Member States have undergone a significant reform process, in many areas they still lag behind the countries who are now part of the European Union. On the other hand, the EU countries – especially those which joined the EU zone in 2004 and 2007 – possess valuable transition experience that could be used by those economies undergoing a similar harmonisation process leading to EU membership.


By financing capacity building and technical assistance projects in the non-EU countries carried out by experts from the CEI EU zone, the objectives of the KHEP are to:


·        Strengthen economic and social advancement of the CEI non-EU Member States;

·        Help the recent EU members in their transformation from recipients to donors (emerging donors) of development assistance;

·        Promote principles of foreign development aid and support international collaboration among institutions in CEI member countries.

·        The CEI Know-how Exchange Programme is funded also financed by the Austrian Government (Austrian Development Agency). The Government of Austria has recently renewed its support  for the next three-year period 2011-2013


The Signing Ceremony of the Agreement between the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the Central European Initiative 2011-2013 was held on 4 October 2010 at the CEI Headquarters in Trieste. 

50 projects in know-how exchange have been financed by Italy and Austria so far, with a contribution of almost 1.5 million EUR.



The CEI finances up to 50% of the total project cost and not more than 40.000 per project. Sufficient co-financing must be ensured by the applicant from his own or external sources.



The programme is open to all public and private sector bodies, international and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in the public interest and registered in one of the following CEI Member States.

                                                             I.      Albania

                                                          II.      Austria

                                                       III.      Belarus

                                                       IV.      Bosnia and Herzegovina

                                                          V.      Bulgaria

                                                       VI.      Croatia

                                                    VII.      Czech

                                                 VIII.      Hungary

                                                        IX.      Italy

                                                           X.      Macedonia

                                                        XI.      Moldova

                                                     XII.      Montenegro

                                                  XIII.      Poland

                                                  XIV.      Romania

                                                     XV.      Serbia

                                                  XVI.      Slovakia

                                               XVII.      Slovenia

                                            XVIII.      Ukraine


Projects supported under the KHEP shall have an economic background, covering economic transition or institution building and shall be carried out by using combinations of know-how transfer tools (e.g. study tours, secondment of staff, peer reviews, preparation of manuals, etc.) which promise effective transfer of given know-how and its successful implementation by the recipient institution.


How to apply?

The applicants will have a twofold way of applying. The applicants are welcome to complete KHEP applications and submit them via email to the CEI Secretariat to and to the CEI National Coordinator in the applicant's country. The applications can be accepted throughout the year until the exhaust of funds for the current year. It is highly recommended that a draft project fiche is presented to and consulted with the CEI staff before the submission of a full application.

For more info email to:


The NGO Funding Consultants


The Vegan Organization for Social Justice Worldwide