The Foundation for the Future Grant - 2011

Foundation for the Future Grant

The Foundation for the Future grant program was launched in February 2007. The Foundation's strategy on grant awards is by announcing an open competition as part of its efforts to foster the growth of civil society, specifically in the Foundation's program priorities of rule of law, independent media, and empowerment of women, civic education and engagement of youth. The overarching goal of the Foundation's efforts is to support democratic reforms by supporting the capacity of local NGOs.


This Request for Proposals (RFP) calls for projects aimed at increasing citizen participation in political and economic decision-making processes. Proposals generally should promote the development of effective mechanisms for citizen participation by strengthening and engaging civil society with a focus on the program priority areas. In reviewing project proposals, FFF will put special emphasis on those proposals that most adequately address the program priorities in innovative ways.


Financial and technical Support is provided to:


1.     Civil Society Organizations, NGOs (non-profit organizations).

2.     Academic institutions.

3.     Professional Associations.

4.     Programs and activities that promote and enhance the Foundation's areas of interest in the broader Middle East and North Africa.


Use of Grant Funds

The total proposed budget for grants should be appropriate for the scope of the work being undertaken. Grant funds can be used for project activities up to one year. Grant funds may be used for the following expenses:

1. Direct costs of project-related events, e.g. organizing meetings, rental of conference facilities, production costs, translation equipment.

2. Communication between partner organizations, e.g. phone, fax, e-mail.

3. Modest honorarium cost for project experts (local and international).

4. Survey and monitoring expenses.

5. Transportation of project participants to meeting place(s) and related expenses.

6. Pro-rated portion of salaries for key participants, e.g. director, accountant.

7. Purchase of a limited amount of equipment (e.g. fax, modem, computer, software) and stationary, necessary to realize the project.

8. Other expenses directly related to project implementation.


Eligibility for grants

Nonprofit, Non-governmental, and independent civil society organizations based in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen with activities that are related to the Foundation's areas of interest.


Deadlines of submitting concept papers

The Foundation for the Future receives concept papers all year round. Organizations can submit more than one application per year.


Deadline for applications that will be considered for 2011 Mid-Year Round is February 28, 2011.


Range of Grants Awards:

Grants Award Range and % requested cost sharing from grantee

a        Small Grant  -  Up to USD $50,000     5%

b        Standard Grant - Up to USD $250,000          10%

c        Large Grant over USD $250,000         15%

For more info email to:


The NGO Funding Consultants


The Vegan Organization for Social Justice Worldwide