Marie Antoinette Carlier Fund

Marie Antoinette Carlier Fund


The Marie Antoinette Carlier Fund, which was created in 2009, aims to contribute to the development of the African continent. In accordance with Ms Carlier's wish, the Fund supports initiatives for young people in the fields of water, education and health in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi.


The Fund wants to encourage activities aimed at improving the living conditions of young people and their families in these two countries. The main selection criterion for financial support is the focus of the initiative on young people, as well as their involvement in the project. The Fund's core areas of activity – namely water, education and health – can be interpreted broadly. Examples of other eligible initiatives include vocational training or cultural awareness projects.


The Carlier Fund is especially interested in projects that need financial support to 'get up and running', in projects that could be spread to other regions in the long term, that are local in nature and involve the community, and that are guaranteed to achieve some sort of result.


To increase the impact of its work, the Carlier Fund focuses on certain provinces of DRC, namely Bas-Congo, Bandundu, Katanga and Kinshasa. The accessibility of the project's implementation areas is another very important criterion for selection. Projects from all provinces of Burundi are eligible for support, provided they meet the Fund's criterion regarding accessibility.


The Fund Management Committee is responsible for pre-selection and final selection of the applications.


Criteria for the examination of applications


Eligibility criteria:


- The project must take place in Burundi or the Democratic Republic of Congo (in one of the following provinces: Bas-Congo, Bandundu, Katanga and Kinshasa) in areas meeting the minimum conditions of accessibility.

- The project must target young people.

- The project must address at least one of the Fund's themes: water, education and health


Selection criteria:

- The quality of the project;

- The extent to which the project is supported by the community and actively involves the young people, the project's main beneficiaries;

 - The 'integrated1' nature of the project;

- The project's value as a model (the project could be duplicated by others, used on a wider scale, and so on);

- Guarantees that the project will keep running in the long-term;

- The involvement of key partners in the project;

- Difficulties in securing alternative funding for the project.


The budget and duration of a project:

- The support provided may cover a period of one to three years. This term is renewable.

- Barring an exceptional decision by the Fund Management Committee, the maximum amount of financial support available to a project in Burundi is €30.000 per year. In DRC, financial support may range from €30.000 to €200.000.

- The financial support provided by the Fund may be used to cover operating costs and structural costs, proportioned appropriately.


Selection procedure


All admissible applications will be submitted to the Marie Antoinette Carlier Fund Management Committee, which is responsible for the entire project selection process. The selection procedure comprises three stages:


• Longlist pre-selection: based on the admissible applications submitted online, the Management Committee will draw up a longlist of preselected organisations. These will then be contacted in order to fill out a second, more detailed application.


• Shortlist pre-selection: the Management Committee decides which organisations will be visited on the basis of the detailed applications. Visits may be made by Committee members, representatives of the King Baudouin Foundation or independent experts.


• Selection: the Management Committee makes its final selection based on the field visits.


Applications can be submitted all year round. There will be two closing dates per year, the 28th of April and the end of October.


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