The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)

The Jamaica Social Investment Fund

The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) is a limited liability company incorporated under The Company's Act of Jamaica. It was established in 1996 as a component of the Government of Jamaica's (GoJ's) national poverty alleviation strategy. The Fund was designed primarily to channel resources to small-scaled community based projects. This is done with the use of an Operations Manual that acts as a guide to ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency in project implementation. The operations of the JSIF were initially funded by a loan negotiated between the GoJ and the World Bank. Though the Fund was initially established as a temporary organization with an initial lifespan of four (4) years, it has been in operation for over 10 years and presently has agreements that will continue until 2013.  

Eligible Projects

Projects considered for funding by JSIF can comprise a mix of supporting components from the list below, or other project type as agreed with funding agencies.


Includes the rehabilitation, expansion, construction or equipping of:

1.       Early childhood development centres, primary and all age schools

2.      Small road in agricultural areas, bridge approaches, small bridges, foot bridges, retaining walls, drains

3.       Urban access roads

4.       Gullies

5.       Small scale water schemes

6.       Sanitation

7.       Health centres

8.       Community resource centres

9.       Skills training centres

10.    Facilities for tourism product enhancement

11.    Play and recreation areas

12.    Sports facilities

13.    Community markets

Social Services

1.       Vocational skills training, market awareness, entrepreneur skills

2.       Job separation counselling, employment profiling, personal development, job preparation skills

3.       Literacy

4.       Personal money management

5.       Conflict resolution, anger management

6.       Parenting skills, adolescent/adult life skills

7.       Trauma and bereavement counselling

8.       Health and hygiene behaviour change

9.       Construction site skills

10.    Substance abuse counselling

Capacity Building

1.       Organizational development

2.       Planning and management

3.       Communication skills and basic conflict resolution

4.       Fund raising and financial management

5.       Governance

6.       Disaster preparedness

7.       Maintenance

Special Projects

1.    Projects for special/vulnerable groups, for example, homes and shelters, training for persons with disabilities, the elderly, abandoned children, street people.

2.  Projects of an innovative nature, which may yield new, replicable approaches to poverty alleviation.

3.       Projects that promote best practices through awareness and capacity building.

Selection Criteria For JSIF Funded Projects

JSIF has limited resources to fund community projects. In order to ensure that our interventions benefit the largest possible number of persons, highly accurate indicators have been developed. These help to identify communities where there is greatest need. A series of indicators are used. They include: the Poverty Map supported by the Social Development Commission's (SDC) database of communities, the Planning Institute of Jamaica's (PIOJ) annual Survey of Living Conditions and field visits by Social Development staff.

The following criteria make a community project eligible for funding:

  1. The community must be poor
  2. The project must be on the list of eligible projects
  3. The project must respond to a priority development need supported by the majority of the community
  4. The project must be proposed by a community-based group, either on its own or in partnership with NGOs, service clubs, private sector or local government entities
  5. The community must be willing to provide a contribution to the total cost of the project in cash or kind
  6. The community must be committed to maintaining the facility/service

JSIF cannot fund:

  1. The purchase or lease of land or buildings
  2. Construction on private land without relevant land documents
  3. Recurrent costs such as salaries, maintenance, utilities
  4. Projects sponsored by an individual


To request funding for a community project a completed application form or project proposal must be submitted to JSIF. Application forms may be obtained from our New Kingston office  at 1C - 1F Pawsey Road, your local Social Development Commission (SDC) office or by downloading it from our website.

When submitting an application, it should ensure that:

1.       All relevant sections of the form are accurately completed

2.     They include evidence that the decision on the community priority need was taken by the largest number of persons possible from the community.

3.      The form is signed and dated

Click on the links below to download the forms

1.        REDI Application Form 

2.        REDI Application Guidelines 

3.        Community Application Form

4.        Guidelines for Completing Community Application Form

5.        Special Projects Proposal Form

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